Gas Nitriding - Tool & Die

Gas Nitriding Services for Previously Hardened Alloys

All of our gas nitriding cycles are ran in one of our batch-type retort furnaces for optimum process and lot control.

All ThermTech furnaces are AMS 2750 compliant, with our largest furnace capable of performing the gas nitriding cycle has a working dimension of 56” DIA X 86” Long.

We run a shallow case depth load (0.003”) every night with next day turnaround for the convenience of our customers. We gas nitride for deeper case depths on a regular basis (0.010”-0.015” and 0.015” min).


Gas Nitriding is low temperature diffusion heat-treatment process that can increase the lubricity, corrosion resistance, and surface hardness of certain tools and dies run with this process.

Selective gas nitriding is possible through the application of nitride stop-off paints; after gas nitriding services we can hand-blast to remove the excess nitride stop-off paint using an aluminum-oxide blast media.


ThermTech offers gas nitriding for tool and die made from previously hardened alloy steels, and are processed in a finished machine or near-finished machined state.

Some of the gas nitriding processes we offer for previously hardened materials are:

  • S-7 fuel injection components for Cummins Diesel
  • D-2 Bushings for the Food Industry
  • H-13 Shot Sleeves for the Die Cast Industry
  • H-13 Arbors & Work-Holding Tools for a Wide Variety of Situations

In order to Guarantee the success of the gas nitride process, it is extremely important the quench and temper operation be performed correctly. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you utilize our vacuum hardening services on the rough machined component prior to sending the part for Gas Nitriding. This will help to avoid potentially unfixable problems.

Also, be sure to investigate our carburizing and carbonitriding services for your other industrial heat treating needs.

Contact us to discuss how gas nitriding can benefit your tool & die products or send files to get a quote.