Full Annealing of Steel and Aluminum: An Insightful Overview

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the full annealing process for steel and aluminum parts. Full annealing, a principal heat-treatment procedure, significantly enhances the mechanical and structural attributes of metal workpieces. Dive deep into its technical advantages and the capabilities we offer.

Steel Products


Full annealing of steel is executed by raising the parts above the critical eutectoid temperature, between 1475°F to 1650°F, depending on the cross section size. The parts are held at this temperature for an appropriate duration and then slow-cooled, fostering a uniform microstructure primarily of ferrite and coarse pearlite. This strategic process yields a product characterized by maximum ductility, uniformity, and enhanced machinability.


At ThermTech, we conduct full annealing treatments in batch-type furnaces, ensuring optimal process and lot control. Meeting the rigorous standards of AMS 2750, our furnaces maintain temperature uniformity and accuracy. Our most expansive furnace, dedicated to the full anneal procedure, measures 72” x 36” x 144”. For annealing tool steels or intricate alloys, our vacuum furnaces come into play, eliminating the risk of material surface decarburization.



Full annealing for aluminum parts involves heating the components to a temperature marginally below that used for a solution treating process, approximately around 775°F, followed by cooling to room temperature. This precise methodology results in a product with elevated ductility and toughness, reduced hardness and strength, as well as superior machinability and consistent properties.


We frequently advise this treatment for clients with aluminum products intended for shaping or forming processes, or those necessitating further hardening treatments. ThermTech boasts extensive expertise in annealing a selection of aluminum alloys, including:

  • 355 Aluminum
  • 356 Aluminum
  • 2024 Aluminum
  • 6061 Aluminum
  • 6063 Aluminum

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Refined grain structure leading to consistent mechanical properties.
  • Stress relief to combat premature failure or deformation.
  • Augmented ductility and malleability facilitating additional shaping.
  • Homogenization of microstructure.
  • Optimized electrical and magnetic properties for specialized applications.
  • Predictable material behavior for confident engineering and design choices.


Full annealing is a cardinal heat-treatment process in the realm of steel and aluminum parts. By harnessing its capabilities and understanding the spectrum of benefits, stakeholders across manufacturing, engineering, and design spectrums can ensure the longevity, resilience, and functionality of their metal components. With ThermTech, you have a reliable partner dedicated to delivering the best in class annealing treatments.

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ThermTech, Inc. offers both small and large batch capabilities for austempering steel and iron investment castings. Between our neutral salt bath furnaces and our larger austempering furnaces, we have the capabilities to austemper a wide variety of stamping, machined components, and investment castings. We have run austempering on alloys from 1060 through 4340 to ductile iron machined parts.

Our dedicated team works with you to ensure we meet your specifications. Count on our decades of experience with hardening, tempering, surface heat treatments, vacuum treatments, and annealing. To learn more about our services, please contact us today.

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