Technical Benefits of Jig Tempering Steel Plates for Straightening Purposes

When working with thin plates and square shafts crafted from tool steels, the intricacies of their properties can lead to challenges during the hardening cycles. Warping is a common occurrence, which if left unaddressed, can compromise the utility and aesthetics of the final product. At ThermTech, we’ve pioneered a solution – jig tempering. Below, we delve into the technical benefits of this process:

Optimal Ductility Utilization:

Jig tempering takes place during the tempering operation, a phase when the steel exhibits enhanced ductility. By making adjustments during this phase, the metal becomes more receptive to alterations, leading to more precise straightening.

Reduced Risk of Cracking:

Post-hardening, the steel plate or shaft becomes more brittle. Attempting to straighten at this stage can result in unwanted cracks or breakages. Jig tempering mitigates this risk by manipulating the steel when it is in a more malleable state.

Customizable Straightness:

Depending on the desired straightness tolerance and the unique geometry of the parts, jig tempering can be repeated multiple times. This iterative approach ensures bespoke solutions tailored to meet the most stringent requirements.

Long-Term Shape Retention:

Once the steel has been jig tempered, it adopts a “set” or memory of the straighter or flatter configuration. This results in prolonged shape retention, ensuring that the steel maintains its form for an extended duration, even under operational stresses.

Economic Efficiency:

The possibility of wastage due to cracking or the need for re-manufacturing warped parts can inflate costs. Jig tempering, by facilitating a more controlled straightening process, can lead to significant savings in the long run.

Enhanced Performance:

Straightened tool steel components using jig tempering demonstrate better performance characteristics, particularly in applications where alignment and precision are paramount.

Environmentally Conscious:

By reducing the potential for wastage and the need to reprocess or remake components, jig tempering contributes to more sustainable manufacturing practices.

At ThermTech, our commitment lies in leveraging technology and innovation to deliver high-quality results. Jig tempering is a testament to this commitment, enabling us to address the challenges of warping in tool steel plates and shafts, ensuring our customers receive the best, every single time.

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