Final Stress Tempering: The Technical Benefits for Steel Dies

Steel dies, with their pivotal role in shaping materials into precise forms, must maintain a robustness and resilience against various operational stresses. Final Stress Tempering is an advanced technique that ensures steel dies not only meet their intended purpose but also prolong their service life.

Precision in Manufacturing:

Final Stress Tempering ensures that any residual stresses from machining are eradicated. This step is crucial because when the die is subjected to subsequent machining for tighter tolerances, these pre-existing stresses can lead to distortions or inaccuracies in the final product.

AMS-2750 Compliant Equipment:

ThermTech’s batch-type tempering ovens are certified as AMS-2750 compliant, assuring temperature uniformity and quality control in every batch. This translates to consistent and dependable tempering results, vital for industries where precision is paramount.

Protection Against Oxidation:

The option to vacuum temper dies makes it feasible to treat dies which may be sensitive to oxidation. By removing oxygen from the equation, the risk of rust, corrosion, and other oxidative damages is minimized, ensuring that the dies maintain their integrity and finish.

Versatility in Treatment:

No matter the size, shape, or type, most dies – especially those made of H-13, H-11, and P-20 steel varieties – can benefit from Final Stress Tempering. The process is adaptable, accommodating a wide range of dies for varying applications.

Maintaining Mechanical Properties:

The temperatures used in Final Stress Tempering are meticulously chosen. They are set high enough to alleviate stresses but never exceed the tempering temperatures applied during the tool’s hardening phase. The result is a die that retains its mechanical properties and dimensional accuracy.

Customized Treatments with ThermTech:

While Final Stress Tempering is an exceptional process, it’s crucial to have a suite of treatments at one’s disposal for diverse needs. Depending on the die’s hardness, desired properties, and specific applications, ThermTech offers processes such as stress relieving, solution annealing, cryo-treatment, and vacuum annealing. This range ensures that for every unique need, there is a specialized treatment.
In conclusion, the technical advantages of Final Stress Tempering are undeniable. It offers a pathway to enhanced accuracy, longevity, and performance for steel dies, ensuring they function at their optimal capacity throughout their lifecycle.

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