I came to ThermTech through the GPS Ed. Program. While searching for a company to begin my work-based learning, I was introduced to ThermTech and it was so much different compared to the other manufacturing companies I had seen. ThermTech isn’t your typical production or assembly line of repetitive tasks. Instead, it provides an incredible variety of different heat-treating processes that serve dozens of different customers and industries. Prior to learning about ThermTech, I had no idea heat treatment existed, let alone any companies that specialized in it. As I began my work-based learning, I was exposed to every department within the company to get a deeper understanding of how important everyone’s role was. Being able to get hands-on knowledge not only on the production floor, but also get the opportunity to understand other departments was such an amazing experience. The shipping department was one of my favorites. Although I couldn’t drive the trucks, it was very helpful to understand the importance of meeting customer deadlines and become familiar with various order requirements. Having this background knowledge made it much easier to work on the production floor, recognize some of the customers, and know how crucial it was to get orders done properly and on time. However, once I was exposed to the fabrication shop and introduced to the new fabrication shop manager, my true passion with manufacturing began. I worked hard to prove my passion and dedication and was hired as a fabrication assistant once I graduated. I have been with ThermTech for about 2 years now and continue to learn, grow, and develop my skills. The work environment at ThermTech is one in a million and the people are so supportive and friendly. The fabrication manager is a great leader and continues to work with me and even allows me to make mistakes. Failure is often looked down upon, but at ThermTech mistakes are used as opportunities for growth and development. Some days are more challenging, and some projects aren’t as enjoyable as others, but knowing new projects are always around the corner and that I always have a solid support system to lean on makes the rough days much easier. If you’re considering working with ThermTech, be sure to come in with an open mind that is willing to learn new things and be humble enough to know you don’t know everything. Every day comes with a chance to learn something new, and ThermTech is a great place to bring that growth to life through the career of a lifetime.

Lucas Fletcher – Fabrication Assistant

I used to be in the same boat as you may be. High school is ending & your future may feel like a confusing river of colleges, dreams, job opportunities, & family members wondering what you’re going to do with your life. I am here to tell you it’s ok if you don’t have it all figured out yet; I didn’t either. It was 2018, & my metals instructor had set up a tour with ThermTech. I decided to come as learning about machinery & building things were always hobbies of mine, so why not make that into a career? Upon arriving, I was awestruck. Being able to see what manufacturing is like behind the scenes was incredibly eye-opening & I was inspired to learn more! Once the tour was over, I got to meet with a few higher-ups & let them know I was interested in work. A few days later, I returned for an interview with the Fabrication Shop manager & landed the job! I had a lot to learn but received the support I needed & was trained in everything I needed to know. After a while, I was able to complete jobs quickly & at the same high-quality level I was taught. After a few years of this, I began training to be the new Fabrication Manager. It was hard work, but I am now able to support the entire company on a higher level. I have been with ThermTech for 5 years now & am incredibly thankful for the opportunity Waterford Union High School & ThermTech gave me. If my story sounds like something you’d aspire to have, always keep an open mind, be on time, think critically, never be afraid to try new things, & put your best foot forward. Good luck with your journey!

David DeGroot- Fabrication Shop Manager


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About Us

ThermTech is a privately held commercial heat-treating company that offers a wide range of services to a diverse and discerning set of customers. We are proud to offer exceptional, value-added services to manufacturers in the Forging, Foundry, Heavy Equipment, Machining, Oil & Gas and Tool & Die markets. Located in Waukesha, WI, ThermTech is currently ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified.