What is Press Quenching?

Press quenching, at its core, is a heat treatment process that employs both controlled cooling and mechanical force to minimize distortions in gears. It’s a meticulously regulated procedure that ensures not only the desired hardness of the material but also dimensional accuracy.

Understanding Press Quenching: Advancing Heat Treatment & Distortion Control

ThermTech is proud to announce that, as of April 2023, we have expanded our services to include Press Quenching capabilities. With our commitment to offering state-of-the-art treatments for our clients, our new addition features three advanced presses, including one that can accommodate gears as large as 46″ in diameter. But what does this mean for you

Technical Benefits of Press Quenching Gears

  • Superior Distortion Control: Traditional quenching methods often lead to warping and distortions due to non-uniform cooling. With press quenching, the mechanical force applied ensures uniform cooling, significantly reducing distortion risks. This is paramount for precision applications where even minute deviations can be detrimental.
  • Enhanced Mechanical Properties: The controlled and rapid cooling of press quenching refines the grain structure, leading to improved hardness, wear resistance, and fatigue strength in gears.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Reduced distortion means fewer post-heat treatment machining operations are required, leading to cost savings for manufacturers.
  • Versatility: Press quenching is ideal for complex and intricate gear designs where traditional methods might not offer the desired accuracy.
  • Improved Surface Finish: Press quenching can result in a smoother surface finish, minimizing the need for additional grinding or finishing processes.

Carburizing & Press Quenching: A Perfect Pair

Apart from press quenching, ThermTech is well-equipped to handle carburizing for gears up to 46″ in diameter. Carburizing is a heat treatment process where carbon is introduced into the surface layer of a steel part. This significantly enhances the hardness and wear resistance of the material.

When carburizing is combined with press quenching, the result is a gear that’s not only hard and durable but also dimensionally accurate. This combination offers an optimized solution for applications that demand precision and longevity.

    Why Choose ThermTech for Press Quenching?

    With our latest addition, ThermTech is poised to deliver unmatched quality and precision in the realm of gear heat treatment. Our skilled team, advanced equipment, and dedication to excellence ensure that your gears are treated with the utmost care and technical expertise.

    Whether you need carburizing, press quenching, or both, trust in ThermTech to provide the best heat treatment solutions in the industry.

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