Gas Nitriding Gears

Gas Nitriding for Gear Heat Treatment

All our gas nitriding cycles are ran in one of our batch-type retort furnaces for optimum process and lot control.

All ThermTech furnaces are AMS 2750 compliant. Our largest furnace for gas nitriding has working dimensions of 30” DIA X 78” Long.

We run a shallow case depth load (0.003”) every night with next day turnaround for the convenience of our customers. We gas nitride for deeper case depths on a regular basis.

The process of case hardening by gas nitriding is performed by heating previously hardened parts in a controlled atmosphere for a length of time commensurate with the case depth requirement.

Selective gas nitriding is possible through the application of nitride stop-off paints; after nitriding we hand-blast to remove the excess nitride stop-off paint using aluminum-oxide blast media.

The gas nitriding process occurs at relatively low temperatures and does not involve a quench; as a result heat-treat distortion is normally a non-issue.

ThermTech offers gas nitriding to case-harden gears made from previously hardened alloy steels, and are processed in a finished machine or near-finished machined state.

We often recommend a gas nitriding process to case-harden gears where heat-treat distortion is of concern due to tight dimensional tolerances. Nitrided surfaces also slightly gain in corrosion resistance.

Some of the gas nitriding we offer for previously hardened materials are:

  • Gas Nitriding of 4140
  • Gas Nitriding of S-7
  • Gas Nitriding of H-13
  • Gas Nitriding of P-20
  • Gas Nitriding of Nitralloy 135M

When distortion is not a major concern, we offer Carburizing and Carbonitriding processes. We also offer Blasting as a secondary operation to improve part cleanliness.

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