Final Stress Tempering

Final Stress Tempering is performed to remove machining stresses before a final machining operation to tight tolerances.    


All of ThermTech’s Final Stress Tempering treatments are accomplished in our batch-type tempering ovens, all of which are temperature uniform and certified as AMS-2750 compliant.  We are also able to vacuum temper dies when concerns about oxidation prohibit open-air tempering.
We are able to accommodate most dies regardless of shape or size, but we most frequently temper large H-13, H-11, and P-20 dies.


Final Stress Tempering is performed at a temperature high enough to relieve stresses, but not in excess of previous tempering temperatures used during the hardening cycle of your tool.  This is done in order to inhibit size change and preserve mechanical properties.


Dependent upon the product’s hardness and property needs, ThermTech also offers similar processes including stress relieving, solution annealing, cryo-treatment, and vacuum annealing among several others.

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