Heat Treating Services

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Normalizing forgings, Annealing forgings, Marquenching forgings, Mechanical testing forgings
ThermTech heat-treats forgings for several forging companies and forged components for several OEM's throughout the country.
Image of a metal casting
ThermTech processes over 20 million pounds of castings a year. We process everything from Aluminum to Gray to Ductile to Bronzes to Steels.
Image of Machined Parts
ThermTech processes a wide variety of machined parts and stampings for processes running from a full anneal through direct hardening, Carburizing, and to Gas Nitriding.
Image of tool product
ThermTech processes over 50 orders of tooling a day whether it be for Vacuum hardening, Final Stress Temper, Quench and Temper or Gas Nitriding. Look under the Schedule Tab to see when we run the more popular processes and materials.
Gear heat treating is an essential service offered at ThermTech
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ThermTech can heat treat weldments of a variety of sizes
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