Investment Castings

ThermTech can stress relieve large quantities and sizes of steel or aluminum investment castings

Stress Relieving

Many times the end usage of Investment Castings don't require any hardening of the material for the parts to work, however, the parts may require a stress relieve to remove any stress caused by the casting process so the parts maintain their tolerances.
ThermTech runs Normalizing heat treatments for steel investment castings


ThermTech offers Normalizing capabilities for Investment castings made of steel. We have the ability to run them in either Atmosphere or Vacuum furnaces.
ThermTech can run Full Annealing for investment castings in Vacuum and Atmosphere furnaces

Full Annealing

Due to the Investment casting process several alloys of materials require a full anneal prior to any subsequent hardening process to minimize the risk of cracking.
Investment Casting Carbon restoration is recommended for parts getting additional carburizing and hardening treatments

Carbon Restoration

Due to partial or total surface decarburization that stems from the investment casting process a procedure known as carbon restoration is used to restore the proper carbon content at the surface of the parts in question.
Investment Castings made of 1018, 1020, 1030, 1035, 1040, & 1045 materials are typically best suited for water hardening

Water Quench Hardening

Several types of low alloy investment castings require water quench hardening in order to achieve the proper hardness or mechanical properties. These alloys usually are plain carbon steels such as 1018, 1020, 1030, 1035, 1040, & 1045 materials.
Polymer hardening is ideal for low carbon materials like 1045, 5130, 15B45, and 8620.

Polymer Quench Hardening

ThermTech has a atmosphere furnace measuring 36" wide x 36" high x 72" long that has an associated Polymer quench located with it.
Oil quenching Investment Castings helps promote hardness and mechanical strength

Oil Quench Hardening

Several alloys such as 4140, 4145, 4150, and 4340 that require oil quench hardening for increasing their hardness or mechanical strength are easily made by the investment casting process.
Marquench Hardening for Investment Castings reduces the risks associated with liquid quenching

Marquench / Salt Hardening

ThermTech offers a small batch marquenching system with two different molten salt quenches set at different temperatures for the marquenching of investment castings.
We can Austemper Iron and Steel investment castings up to 36" wide


ThermTech offers both small and large batch capabilities for Austempering steel and iron investment castings.
Vacuum Heat Treating services allow nitrogen gas quenching for investment castings which prevents distortion

Vacuum Heat Treat

ThermTech has four vacuum furnaces that are capable of running investment castings in both 300 series stainless steels and super-alloys for Vacuum Solution Annealing.
Vacuum annealing and vacuum hardening for investment castings can be run on a daily basis at ThermTech

Vacuum Hardening

Tool Steels and martensitic stainless steels such as 410, 416, 420, and 440 are materials that are easily made via the investment cast process.
ThermTech's vacuum furnace for running Investment castings is ideal for 400 series materials requiring a liquid quench

Vacuum Oil Quenching

We also offer a Vacuum oil hardening furnace that can oil harden alloys requiring high temperature austenizing temperatures in excess of what is normally achievable in a normal atmosphere furnace.
ThermTech uses S110 size shot in hand and tumble blasting for investment castings


Due to most of the investment castings we process being on the small size (less than 5 lbs each) we offer both hand-blast and a rubber belt tumble-blast options to properly and quickly turn around any cleaning requirements.