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Vacuum Carburizing - LPC with Oil Quenching

Vacuum Carburizing with LPC Oil Quenching for Machined Parts & Stampings

Vacuum carburizing with LPC oil quenching is ideally made for carburizing and carbonitriding low to medium alloy machined components & stampings

Vacuum carburizing with LPC oil quenching can also drastically reduce cycle times on high production jobs that require deep case depths of 0.060" or greater.


Our newest furnace allows us to offer oil quenching after a low pressure carburizing process done in vacuum.

This furnace can handle loads of 30" wide x 30" high x 48" long. It has a maximum load weight of 2500 pounds.


Contact us with the details of your project & we'll see how much money we can save you by running your carburizing through this furnace, while giving you extremely repeatable results from one batch to the next!

Contact ThermTech today to see if vacuum carburizing with LPC oil quenching is ideal for your machined parts or stampings!

Vacuum Oil Quenching
Vacuum Oil Quenching