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ThermTech through our in-house laboratory and relationships with outside laboratory services offers a full menu of testing and metallurgical consultation. Whether the goal is development, problem solving or quality control ThermTech is a one stop shop for metallurgical testing and analysis.


ThermTech”s lab is oriented towards testing hardness and microstructural analysis. Recent investments include a state of the art Leco micro-hardness tester that is completely automated eliminating any error due to measuring the hardness impression. Computerized image analysis tools for measuring grain size and microstructural elements are available as well. ThermTech is well versed in all forms of hardness testing.


One of the principal reasons for heat treatment is to change mechanical properties. Thus it is critical to have the tools available to evaluate the changes in microstructure and hardness that forecast final mechanical properties. It is extremely important that a competent team of professionals is on staff that will leverage these tools to provide for a properly heat treated component yielding the metallurgical design criteria. ThermTech has the tools and talent to provide our customers with the best products and advice!


While ThermTech does not have in-house capabilities to test for mechanical properties we have mature relationships with a number of A2LA accredited laboratories. When product needs mechanical testing, post heat treatment, ThermTech can easily take care of all mechanical testing needs, providing the customer a heat treated part with certifications meeting all required properties.