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Annealing Steel Products

The process of full annealing steel is performed by taking the parts above the critical eutectoid temperature in the 1475F to 1650F range for a length of time commensurate with the cross section size and then slow-cooling them to promote a uniform microstructure composed primarily of ferrite and coarse pearlite. This process creates a product with maximum ductility, uniform properties, and improved machinability.


ThermTech runs full annealing treatments in batch-type furnaces for optimum process and lot control. All of these furnaces are in full compliance the temperature uniformity and accuracy requirements of AMS 2750. Our largest furnace capable of performing the full anneal process has a working dimension of 72” x 36” x 144”. For annealing Tool Steels or other complex alloys we have the ability to perform anneals in one of our vacuum furnaces to avoid a potential decarburization of the surface of the material.



Whenever you need to perform bending or forming on your aluminum alloy parts, it’s often best for the material to be as soft as possible. ThermTech can make that possible with our full anneal treatment for aluminum, which can bring the material to the T0 condition.


The process of full annealing for aluminum is performed by heating the components to a temperature slightly lower than what would be used for a solution treating process, usually around 775°F and then cooling to ambient. This process creates a product with maximum ductility and toughness, reduced strength and hardness, as well as improved machinability and uniform properties.


We recommend this process most often to customers with aluminum products meant to undergo forming/shaping processes or those that will require additional hardening treatments. When it comes to annealing products composed of aluminum alloys, ThermTech has gained most of its experience by treating several alloys in particular:

  • 355 Aluminum
  • 356 Aluminum
  • 2024 Aluminum
  • 6061 Aluminum
  • 6063 Aluminum