Gear Heat Treatment

Gear Stress Relieving treatment is ideal for heavily ground or machined gears

Gear Stress Relieving

Stress Relieving gears is beneficial for gears that will undergo subsequent nitriding and have been subject to heavy grinding or machining stresses that may cause distortion in the nitride process.
Gear Blanks should receive full annealing treatments to allow hobs to better move through the material

Full Annealing

Sometimes rough gears or gear-blanks require full annealing prior to any heavy machining or forming operations so the hobs are able to move the material to form the splines and teeth properly.
ThermTech has several furnaces to handle all gear carburization needs.

Carburizing Gears

ThermTech offers several internal quench endothermic atmosphere carburizing batch furnaces for your gear needs.
Carbonitriding Gears improves the hardness of the splines and teeth.

Carbonitriding Gears

Gears made from plain carbon steels like 1017, 1018, and 1020 materials and low alloys such as 1117 & 12L14 require ammonia additions at the end of the carburizing process to increase the surface hardness of splines and teeth.
ThermTech's marquench treatment for gears minimizes distortion of the parts

Marquench Hardening

ThermTech has the unique capability of Carburizing gears and quenching them into molten salt to help minimize distortion. We have two furnaces capable of marquenching gears in furnaces with load sizes of 36" wide x 48" high x 72" long.
Our vaccuum furnaces are also capable of performing gas quench treatment

Gas Quenching

ThermTech does have the ability to Vacuum Carburize gears using LPC (low pressure carburizing) with gas quenching in a furnace with the working dimensions of 36" wide x 32" high x 72" long.
ThermTech has the equipment needed to achieve target hardness in all gear heat treatment procedures

Oil Hardening

The newest furnace in ThermTech's arsenal is a Seco/Warwick LPC Vacuum Carburizing furnace with integrated oil quench capabilities.
Our Gas Nitriding gear heat treatment yields benefits including corrosion resistance, increased fatigue life, and wear resistance

Gas Nitriding Gears

Gas Nitriding is the process in which Nitrogen and Ammonia are diffused into a steel product at a low temperature to produce a hard case without the need for quenching from a higher temperature.

Deep Freezing/Cryogenic Treatment

ThermTech offers two deep freeze or cryogenic units that are both capable of cooling parts down to -300F below zero. The largest of these units is 50" square by 30" deep.
ThermTech offers Oil and Polymer quench steps for gear flame hardening solutions

Flame Hardening Gears

ThermTech has three flame hardening units including one that can handle gears up to a maximum size of 45" in diameter or 2500 pounds.
ThermTech takes the proper care of your parts both before and after Gear heat treatment processes in order to meet all heat treatment needs.


ThermTech has several employees skilled at straightening long, splined gear bars, racks, and pinions. We have three mechanical presses and several other straightening apparatus.
For small and intricate gears, ThermTech offers tumble and hand-blasting services


For large gears and pinions we offer blasting on our 96" diameter table blaster. For smaller gears we offer a small five cubic foot rubber belt tumble-blaster.