Heat Treating Forgings

ThermTech provides heat treating of forgings for several companies who supply components to OEM's throughout the country.

Take a look at our capabilities below, and contact us with questions or service requests. 

Image of Forgings Annealing

Solution Annealing of Forgings

ThermTech offers both a “Quick Quench” batch furnace and some pit furnaces for Solution Annealing both Cast and Wrought Aluminum Alloys to the T4 temper condition.
Some product after annealing


We can process parts sized up to 40” high x 43” wide x 67” long in our automated quench line that has the fastest quench speeds and parts even bigger than that in our other equipment.
Forgings undergoing stress relieving

Metal Stress Relieving

The stress relieve step will help with machinability, but, primarily keep major distortion down to a minimum as opposed to machining a highly stressed as-forged component.

Normalizing Steel

Normalizing is one of the simplest heat-treatments that can address refining (or normalizing) the microstructure and equalizing the effects of the range of temperatures the material has been subjected to during the forging operations.
Image of product in a post-water hardening treatment

Water Quenching

ThermTech offers water quenching capabilities to achieve both the hardness and mechanical requirements needed on low alloy steel forgings.
Product being pulled in preparation for polymer hardening

Polymer Quenching

ThermTech is a pioneer in the abilities to polymer quench large section sizes of forgings that require superior mid-radius hardness and mechanical properties for forgings needed by the fracking companies components.
Oil Hardening 4140, 4142, and 4145 steel are among our specialties at ThermTech

Oil Quenching

ThermTech is very experienced in processing forgings for oil quench hardening. We are familiar with hardening 4140, 4142, 4145, 4150, and 4340 alloys.
Image of product after marquenching


We have come across several customers who perfer their forgings be marquenched in molten salt to minimize the risk of cracking during the quench operations and to minimize distortion on long, thin products.
Image of parts pre-Austempering


ThermTech has the ability to austemper forgings when the mechanical properties of the product require greater toughness via tensile and yield mechanical properties.
Image of part being evaluated for straightness

Metal Straightening Services

ThermTech has 3 mechanical presses including a 200 ton unit that is capable of straightening hardened forgings in various shaft or long bar configurations.
Image of a Blast Cleaned part

Blasting After Heat Treatment

ThermTech offers a large 36 cubic-foot tumbleblast machine for blasting most of our forgings that require that step.
Examining Test Results

Mechanical Testing Services

Over the past several years the requirements for mechanical testing has greatly increased within the forging community based on more critical applications in both the fracking and mining industries.