Deep Freezing/Cryogenic Treatment

Cryogenic Treatment is primarily used to transform retained austenite from a hardening process into martensite.  Cryo-Treatment may also be used to promote dimensional stability before sensitive grinding operations and also for stress-relief.  Cryo-Treatment is sometimes used in shrink-fit operations for mating components with high interference.   


The majority of our cryogenic treatment cycles are run in one of our liquid nitrogen cryo-boxes for optimum process and lot control.   Our largest cryo-box has a working dimension of 33” x 47” x 47”.    We also can cryogenically treat larger parts upon demand.  


Highly Alloyed Steels can retain austenite after quenching from above the critical temperature.  If your parts possess retained austenite, this austenite may potentially transform into untempered marteniste during service, which will make the part extremely brittle and could cause the part to crack.


ThermTech offers cryogenic or deep freeze treatment for gears made from high-alloy steels.  Some of the cryogenic treatments we perform on a regular basis are as follows:

  • Cryogenic Treatment of 8620 Gears
  • Cryogenic Treatment of 9310 Gears
  • Cryogenic Treatment of 4120 Gears  

We often recommend cryogenic treatments for gears wherein retained austenite is existent or potential issue.  We are capable of cryogenic treatment at temperatures down to -120F or even -320F.  Typical lead-times are 1-2 days, and overnight in cases of emergency.

ThermTech also offers  a thermal-cycling process, as well as carburizing, gas nitriding, and oil quench and temper processes depending on individual product needs.

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