Deep Freezing/Cryogenic Treatment

Cryo-Treatment is frequently used to promote dimensional stability before sensitive grinding operations or stress-relief treatments.  Sub-zero temperatures are also employed to prevent the natural aging of certain aluminum alloys after a T-4 solution anneal so that natural aging does not inhibit subsequent cold-work operations. 


The majority of our cryogenic treatment cycles are run in one of our liquid nitrogen cryo-boxes, which allow for optimum process and lot control.  We are capable of cryo-treatment at temperatures down to -320F, and our largest cryo-box has a working dimension of 33” x 47” x 47”. However, we are not limited to that size and are capable of cryogenically treating larger parts as well. Typical lead-times are 1-2 days and overnight in cases of emergency.


ThermTech offers cryogenic or deep freeze treatments for many aluminum alloys. Of these, there are several we’ve handled more often and have consequently acquired greater expertise in their treatment.

We often recommend cryogenic treatments for aluminum where dimensional stability is an issue.
ThermTech also offers  solution annealing, age hardening, limited straightening,  stress relieving and thermal cycling processes for aluminum products as well.  We are capable of providing most heat-treatment processes for aluminum, so let us know your needs!

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