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It is our goal to be as transparent as possible regarding sharing our processing parameters, order status, and quality results. To help facillitate that we offer our Customer Portal. From this you and several of your employees can access the following Portlets:

Order status: From here you can search for orders based on: dates, part numbers, counts, weights, job numbers, alloys, purchase orders, and more. Once you've found the order(s) you're looking for you can then see if they are: received, in process, ready to ship, on the truck, delivered, shipped, and invoiced.

Parts logistics: This portlet is basically a real-time inventory for the last 50 orders of unique part numbers. You can see counts or each part number in every stage of processing. You might have 117 pieces as fresh, 344 pieces in process, 48 in certifications and 447 delivered. Ideal for managing large programs of parts that require day to day status reports.

Shipment details: Ever lose a packing list from a heat-treater? Someone in your receiving department throw one away or accidentally destroy one? Don't believe you ever got the order back? Now you can go on-line and re-print a packing slip and view the signature captured electronically by our shipping department with a date and time stamp to tell you exactly when the parts came back into your possesion.

Certifications: You can view and print all certifications.

Quotes: You can view and print all valid quotes.

Invoices: You can view and print all invoices.

Payments: You can view and print all payments and see which invoice(s) it was applied against.

Credits: You can view and print all credits.

Contact our Customer Service department for free access to this on-line site which will allow you to have 24 hour a day access to real-time order status. At ThermTech we feel it's important to share all of these elements as our goal is to be percieved as your internal heat-treat department.

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