ThermTech is proud to offer blast cleaning services for post-heat treat cleaning of Tool and Die components. ThermTech provides this service across the spectrum of material grades and heat treat processes, as well as a “Blast Only” cleaning service when no heat treating is required.


Blasting of Tool and Die components can be performed on a 96” diameter table blast unit (for larger parts) or in a 3 cubic foot rubber belt tumble blast machine. Shot blasting is offered with either a 110 or 330 grit size with 330 being the more aggressive of the two choices. For more delicate parts, Thermtech also offers manual hand blasting that cleans parts using a sand media.


The purpose of blasting after heat treatment is to remove any oxidation or scale that has formed on the part during the heat treating process. Oxidation can form during annealing, normalizing, hardening, or tempering operations depending on the particular process parameters. Blasting will easily remove this surface oxidation, making any downstream operations like plating or machining much easier.


The most important consideration in blast process selection is the desired surface quality of the part and tolerance for any nicks. Component size is also a factor as rubber belt tumble blasting and sand blasting are largely limited by weight and volume. Parts that are very fragile will likely have to be hand blasted or rubber belt tumble blasted one at a time which can impact cost and turnaround.
For tool and die components, we find ourselves running some materials more than others the materials most commonly blasted include:

  • Blast Cleaning H-13 tool steel
  • Blast Cleaning A-2 tool steel
  • Blast Cleaning D-2 tool steel

Please be aware that the process of blasting Tool and Die parts creates an extremely active surface on the part which greatly enhances the ability for a thin rust layer to form, especially in humid weather conditions. If this condition is not acceptable, please inquire about post-blast rust inhibiting.

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