ThermTech is proud to offer blast cleaning services for post-heat treat cleaning of gears. ThermTech offers this service following a wide range of our  heat treat processes for many material grades. When no heat treating is required, we also offer a “Blast Only” cleaning service.


Gear blasting treatments are typically performed either upon a table blaster or by hand blasting. Our table blaster use 330-grit steel shot media and can blast gears with a maximum part diameter of up to 96”.  For smaller gears we often employ our hand blasting process, which uses an aluminum-oxide blast media.


When heat treating gears, oxidation or scale can form during annealing or hardening operations depending on the particular process parameters.  Removing these surface formations is the purpose of blasting after such treatments.  Blasting removes this surface oxidation, making downstream operations such as lot number stamping and machining easier.


In special cases where parts may be particularly fragile, ThermTech also has rubber belt tumble blasting or hand blasting capabilities that use a finer blast media.  ThermTech can drop-ship to several nearby specialty blast cleaning vendors that offer specialty blast services like stainless steel blast media for specialty materials.
Please be aware that the process of blasting Gears after Heat Treatment creates an extremely reactive surface on the part which greatly enhances the chances of rusting, especially in humid weather.  If this condition is not acceptable, please enquire about post-blast rust inhibiting.

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