Aluminum Heat Treatment

We solution anneal aluminum alloys 355, 356, 2024, 6061, 6063 and 7075, in wrought product, tubes, castings and stampings.

Solution Annealing

ThermTech has an automated furnace that is excellent for the quick quenching of aluminum alloys that require a water quench solution anneal to the T-4 or T4 condition.
ThemTech can run age hardening heat treatments on 355, 356, 6061, 6063, 7075, and 2024 Aluminum alloys.

Age Hardening

ThermTech can age harden several varieties of Aluminum to the T-6 or T6 condition. We've aged smaller diameter tubes up to 12' lengths and can handle many varieties of parts up to 60" in diameter to 80" tall.
We offer cryogenic treatments for aluminum after T6 solution anneal heat treatments

Deep Freezing/Cryogenic Treatment

We have the ability to cool parts from 32F to -300F and can work with you on purchasing dry ice if your parts are to be transported for several hours and require them to remain cool.
We can do straightening treatments of wrought Aluminum and many varieties of Aluminum castings.


We have several experienced people on staff that can both mechanically and physically straighten a variety of Aluminum castings and wrought products.
ThermTech is capable of Full Annealing aluminum to any condition down to T0.

Full Annealing

Sometimes you need your Aluminum alloy as soft as possible for bending or forming reasons. ThermTech can provide you with full annealing of your material to the T0 condition.
ThermTech can handle a variety of part sizes for Aluminum Stress Relieving heat treatments

Stress Relieving

Stress Relieving can help minimize the distortion seen by the part due to the machining stresses that can be built up by the manufacturing of the part. Contact us for a quote. We can handle a wide variety of sizes for this process.