Steel Normalizing

ThermTech is proud to provide steel normalizing heat treatment of forgings. The process is employed on forged products to homogenize the grain structure, improve machinability, and improve response to subsequent heat treating processes.


All steel normalizing processes are run out of batch-type furnaces for optimum process and lot control. Our largest furnace, capable of performing steel normalizing heat treatment, has internal working dimensions of 86”W x 182”L x 51”H.  All ThermTech furnaces are certified to AMS 2750, ensuring optimal temperature uniformity during the hardening process.


Since the forging process is typically performed at temperatures well above grain-coarsening temperatures (usually 1800°F), forged products have significant variability in grain size and a non-uniform microstructure. This can result in difficulties during machining and non-uniform properties. The normalizing process is a remedy for these conditions.

During steel normalizing, the forgings are typically heated to a temperature slightly above the austenitizing temperature – usually 1600°F – 1750°F to promote atomic mobility that enhances homogenization of the steel. The forgings are then held at the normalizing temperature for several hours and are usually cooled in still air. The cooling rate can be altered depending on the final hardness needed.

The final result is a forging that will machine more easily with less movement. If the forging is subsequently quenched and tempered, the response will be more uniform throughout the part because of the homogenized grain structure and chemistry, lending to better mechanical performance.

ThermTech offers normalizing for forgings of any steel grade, but the following are the most common:

  • Normalizing 4140 Steel

  • Normalizing 4340 Steel

  • Normalizing 8620 Steel

  • Normalizing 4130 Steel

  • Nomalizing 1045 Steel

If a clean finish is required after steel normalizing, ThermTech offers several different blasting services to remove any oxide or scale.

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